Reauthorize VAWA now!

Last year, Congress failed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a law which empowered out-of-status women to seek help from police from domestic violence, without fear of deportation. Without VAWA, undocumented women have no legal recourse to escape abuse in their homes.

Allowing VAWA to expire was a moral failure on Congress’ part. Add your name today to tell our leaders in Congress to reauthorize VAWA to protect all women—regardless of their immigration status.

Members of the 113th Congress,

Last year, the 112th congress allowed VAWA to expire; a moral failure that left millions of undocumented women vulnerable to domestic violence. It is your responsibility as leaders of this country to make sure that all its residents can live in safety within their own homes.

Please reauthorize the original Violence Against Women Act to ensure that all women in the United States—regardless of their immigration status—are protected from domestic violence.

Add your name today.

Members of Congress: Reauthorize the original Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)