Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio:
Support a fair pathway to citizenship!

Senator Marco Rubio,

Thank you for publicly embracing immigration reform. Your support for a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people and your participation in the bipartisan efforts underway in the Senate demonstrate your willingness to lead on challenging issues and compromise with your Democratic counterparts on the most pressing humanitarian and moral issue facing our country.

You understand that our broken immigration system has created a true humanitarian crisis. More than 11 million aspiring citizens are forced to struggle without the basic rights accorded to other Americans for wanting nothing more than what we as citizens take for granted every day: a chance at the American Dream. Their condition can be remedied by effective leadership in Congress and bold action in crafting a new, fair and functional immigration system.

Thus, while we applaud your endorsement of a pathway to citizenship, we are deeply concerned that the plan you describe in your interviews would lead to undue delays and place arbitrary obstacles in the path of 11 million people becoming citizens of the nation they call home.

The challenge of immigration reform is solvable, though it requires the right leadership. Our moment to get just and humane reform done is now, and you, Senator Rubio, are in a position to lead. We ask only that you do what is right for Florida, for America and for 11 million people and support an attainable and fair pathway to citizenship that is not contingent on meeting other policy priorities that may also be included in a reform package.

Thank you,
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